Pawel Bieluga Drums

Freelance Musician available for Gigs, Studio Sessions and Drum Chart Transcriptions.


About Pawel


Pawel Bieluga is a melodic drummer based in the UK, who enjoys making a show and playing live in front of an audience. Where appropriate, Pawel plays the drums while paying close attention to the melody and enhances it by playing it out on the kit.

Pawel took up drumming at the late age of 18. Having no previous experience with the instrument (only Taiko drumming), he was formally educated at The Academy of Contemporary Music (2015-2018) where he has gained essential knowledge and skills to master his craft. Pawel is particularly interested and passionate about Metal music but has a growing experience and interest in playing various other musical genres, such as Jazz, Funk and Pop. In his spare time, he also likes to work on his production skills as well as transcribing various musical pieces.

Pawel is a freelance musician who in the little time that he played his instrument for, has already been taught by some recognizable names in the industry, including Matt Halpern (Periphery), Sandy Beales (One Direction), Richard Jupp (Elbow), Pete Riley (Erotic Cakes), Toby Drummond, Andrew Small, Pete Roth and many more.

Venues at which Pawel has played include Venue 360 – The Riverside (Luton), The Electric Theatre (Guildford) and The Star Inn (Guildford).


Services Available:

- Session Drummer
- Studio Drummer
- Drum Chart Transcriber